Holly Van Os-Anaheim, CA.

Dear Ed and Scott,

I am really pleased with the work Window Restoration and Repair did when repairing my windows. Your crew was very friendly and professional as well as clean and neat. They took the windows to the backyard for sanding and other messy work, and cleaned up when they were done, so as to keep my house neat.

You also did the work faster than I’d figured. It took only about 5 hours to repair 7 double hung windows! When I first bought my home, some of these windows had rags stuffed into the gaps where they couldn’t close. Now my home, built in 1938, has windows that work perfectly and close correctly.

I was so pleased with the way you were able to answer all my questions and provide quick, neat and excellent service that I listed you on our Anaheim Colony website. As a result, some of my neighbors were able to enjoy the benefits of your service as well.

Nancy St. Jacques- Santa Ana, CA

Dear Scott,

I wanted to let you know that I was very happy with the work your men did on my double hung windows in May 2006. Your team was reliable, the work was finished in a timely manner and the windows look great! The men replaced the balancers on 20 original double-hung windows, repaired 2 metal casement windows and installed 9 new double-hung wood windows that are identical in appearance and function to the original windows of our 1947 house.

Karla Frizler Octavio-Santa Ana, CA

Dear Ed and Scott,

Window Restoration and Repair’s crew showed excellent attention to vintage details and restoration when working on my 80 year old home. Scott and his crew did a great job of repairing our original windows whenever possible, and replacing our windows with exact replicas when necessary. In fact, Scott was very honest about which windows should be replaced, and which could be restored or repaired. I’d recommend this company to anyone with an old house that needs TLC.

Rey & Yevette Garza-Bixby Knolls, Long Beach, CA

Dear Scott and Ed,

When my wife and I bought our 1930 Classic Spanish Revival home in Bixby Knolls, we fell in love with the beautiful windows. The True Divided Light, Double Hung Sash Windows in each room provided a beautifully classic style that cannot be found in new homes.

Unfortunately, these beautiful windows didn’t open very well. Some took a great deal of effort to open or close and the rest were impossible due to years of paint in the jams. Many of the windows were also missing weights and cords, forcing us to use books to hold them open.

We looked around for new windows and were sick at the thought of tearing out the original ones that were hand-crafted by true artisans. We knew we could never find a replacement that could capture the look and feel of the originals. So, when we heard about Window Restoration and Repair, we were thrilled.

Window Restoration and Repair assured me that they had a lot of experience with sash windows in vintage homes and could return them to their original working order. The team came in and removed all the paint in the jams and replaced weights and cords where needed. The team worked very quickly and carefully. I was amazed at how all the windows could now be opened or closed with the touch of one finger and they stayed open on their own!

I have recommended Window Restoration and Repair to my friends and neighbors and would recommend them to anyone who loves and appreciates the beauty and quality of vintage homes.

Craig Brown- Long Beach, CA

Dear Ed,

Your men did a great job, when they repaired 70 original, double hung windows in my historical home built in 1930. They were well trained, professional and quick.

Paulette Modiano-San Pedro, CA

Dear Ed and Scott,

I wanted to let you guys know that I’m very pleased with the work you did on my home. I didn’t think I could find anyone who could construct windows to fit the style of my historical home, because it was built in 1929, The 4 windows you replaced in my sunroom are consistent with the style of my home and look great. I appreciate your craftsmanship.

Edrick Guise-Long Beach, CA

Dear Ed and Scott,

I am really pleased with the work you and your crew did on my 80 year old home. The value of having my windows work efficiently and the restoration of these beautiful old windows far exceeds the cost you guys charge for your work. I also appreciate the follow up service, your timeliness in getting the job done and the value and helpfulness of your expertise. You’ve added beauty, value and efficiency to my historic home.

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Your team did a great job, when they repaired 70 original, double hung windows in my historical home built in 1930. They were well trained, professional and quick.

Paulette Modiano San Pedro, CA

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