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Yes, we can identify and rebuild traditional windows...

One customer request we receive quite often is whether we can help remove a replacement window from an earlier remodel and return a window to an original style. This request comes in many forms, but one of the most common is the removal of jalousie (or louvered) windows. See below for an example of a job in a bath typical of the late 1920's where the original casement windows had been replaced with jalousies in the 1950's. If you look closely where the plaster coves inward at the edges of each window, you will see the original jambs. From the markings left on these jambs we were able to determine the type of operation and the locations of hinges and latch.

Before picture

Before: Replacement Jalousie windows were very popular in the 1950's. We are asked frequently if they can be removed. Another common request involves the removal of aluminum sliders from the 1970's, but there are many other rebuild/return scenarios.

After picture

After: Ahhh, much better.

Jalousies were some of the first 'retrofit' windows (meaning they were installed inside the jamb of an original window), so we can often sort out what type of window was originally there (we call it architectural archaeology). Then it is usually just a matter of rebuilding the sash(es) to the appropriate dimensions and stylistic details (found elsewhere in the house).

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Your team did a great job, when they repaired 70 original, double hung windows in my historical home built in 1930. They were well trained, professional and quick.

Paulette Modiano San Pedro, CA

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