Modern window repair

Another common request for us is whether, in addition to historic or traditional windows, we repair the function of modern windows (from 1965'ish to present). Yes, we do! Because, what could possibly go wrong with one of these?!

Modern Casement Window

We are frequently called when modern window warranties have vanished and/or are not proving helpful. Modern windows are a bit more like fixing a car than the carpentry of traditional windows. We are usually required to identify manufacturer's part numbers and then order the needed supplies. But we have access to many, many parts (cranks, hinges, rollers, weatherstripping, balances, locks... etc.)

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Your team did a great job, when they repaired 70 original, double hung windows in my historical home built in 1930. They were well trained, professional and quick.

Paulette Modiano San Pedro, CA

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