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Several times a year (about quarterly), we give away historic window tune-ups (usually 2) to programs or individuals that are in need. There is not a great deal of structure to it. Generally, you should be: 1) needy, and 2) working on an historically significant building. Send us a note, describe your project and mention you are hoping to be considered for the quarterly window repair give-away! Past recipients have been Long Beach Heritage and their Bembridge House, Fullerton Heritage's Amerige Brothers building, and numerous others.

California tax incentives for historic preservation
California state Mills Act information

Municipal level - (Mills Act)

The Mills Act provides for a possible reduction in your property taxes when entering into a preservation contract with your local city. Not all cities participate, but many do. Beyond that simple description, I would direct you to your local municipal resources. Click the image to the left to get information from the state, and for a list of participating cities, click: Mills Act Contacts.

Next, here are some of the more common programs locally that I was able to dig up:
Los Angeles City
Los Beach

California tax incentives

There is not much going on at the state level, I am sorry to say. The state keeps a list of prior programs and some, more obscure, options at the link here: CA Incentives and Grants for Historic Preservation. You can also read up on activities at California's Office of Historic Preservation by clicking the image to the right.

California tax incentives for historic preservation
Federal tax incentives for historic preservation

Federal tax credits

There has been a change in the landscape of tax incentives at the federal level for the preservation of historic properties since the tax bill of 12/17. The 10% tax credit for the preservation of historic but non-designated buildings was eliminated, but the 20% credit for income producing, designated historic properties remains in place. This stuff is not simple, it is primarily for larger commercial endeavors, you will probably need your attorney and CPA... but check it out.

I recommend looking into the brochure linked at left, and also reading the material at the National Park Service's web page, here: Tax Incentives for Preserving Historic Properties.

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Your team did a great job, when they repaired 70 original, double hung windows in my historical home built in 1930. They were well trained, professional and quick.

Paulette Modiano San Pedro, CA

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