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Homeowners associations face difficulties when tenants/owners prioritize and budget to replace windows at varying times. When only a few owners of units replace windows at the same time, invariably, the only windows that look like the original are the originals. With window restoration, restored windows look exactly the same as the windows in units that have not yet been restored. All the windows in the building or complex are uniform and the look of mismatched windows is avoided.

Past Projects in Interesting Buildings:

  • Bembridge House, Long Beach
  • Cheesecake Factory, (Dodsworth Building) Pasadena
  • Culver Studios, Culver City
  • Fort McArthur Air Force Base, San Pedro
  • Lafayette Building, Long Beach
  • Laguna Hotel, Laguna Beach
  • Milbank Mansion, Country Club Park
  • Seco House, (only existing Greene & Greene design farmhouse) Pasadena
  • Security Bank Building, Pasadena
  • Villa Riviera, Long Beach
  • Walker Building, Long Beach

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Your team did a great job, when they repaired 70 original, double hung windows in my historical home built in 1930. They were well trained, professional and quick.

Paulette Modiano San Pedro, CA

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